The Peninsular Campaign

McClellan's Spring Offensive, 1862

The Peninsular Campaign
McClellan's Spring Offensive, 1862



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The Peninsular Campaign

March 1862

Union General George McClellan formulates a plan to outflank Confederate forces blocking his new army's direct path to Richmond. This bold plan will require the coordination of army and naval operations to transport his army south, disembark at Fort Monroe, and then move up the already historic Yorktown peninsula to capture the Confederate capital and bring an end to the rebellion. Awaiting him in Williamsburg he finds Confederate General John Magruder's small ragtag force of wooden cannons, and parading ruses which prove to be adequate defense against the overly cautious McClellan, long enough for the beloved Confederate commander Joe Johnston to get Longstreet and A.P. Hill into the action. But McClellan has more surprises in store for him on this adventure; Stonewall Jackson, thought to be occupied in the Shenandoah Valley, has appeared out of no where. And to make matters worse, when Johnston is wounded, he is replaced by the King of Spades; Robert E. Lee.

But things could have been different. Find out how....

The Peninsular Campaign is an operational level game using the block unit system to re-create the limited intelligance of the actual campaign. Players maneuver their forces without adequate knowledge of their opponents strengths or even location. The game board covers the actual and potentional topography of McClellan's offensive operations in the Spring of 1862; from the rugged hills covering Richmond's southern approach and the swamplands covering its northeast approach to the protective confines of the C.S.S. Virginia's base port of Norfolk. A point to point movement system is employed on a 20 x 24 playing map. Limited command abilities and critical supply wagons are key to managing your armies and achieving victory.

The Peninsular Campaign


only $49.95

includes the following:
- 24x20 Multi-color Game Map, covering the area from the Chesapeake Bay to the rugged and swampy terrain around Richmond
- 80 wooden blocks (blue & gray)
- unit label stickers (front and back)
- 2 Battle Boards
- 20 page rules booklet
- 1 Rules Summary Card
- 1 Scenario & Examples of Play Folder
- 8 dice

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Photograph on this page is "General Meagher at the Battle of Fair Oaks Va, June 1 1862" Harpers Weekly, Public Domain Image