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The Civil War Battle Game

The Gettysburg Campaign
Lee's Summer Offensive, 1863

The Vicksburg Campaign
Grant's Spring Offensive, 1863

The Peninsular Campaign
McClellan's Spring Offensive, 1862




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This page contains all the latest information about SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game, Deer Valley Game Company, and just about any thing else pertaining to Civil War gaming.

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The Game of Airline Expansion and Acquisition in the Golden Age of Aviation


An unashamed remake of a classic 1960s 3M Business Strategy game. Instead of building hotel chains, you will be creating airline empires across the good ol' USA. Start with small range Ford Tri-Motor aircraft and work your way up through a longer range Douglas DC3s and then ultimately the max range Boeing 247 aircraft as your airline adds more and more city routes. Outwit your opponents with your shrewd stock moves and become the wealtiest air baron. It's all here. 3-6 players.

Air-Kwire is a FREE "Print & Play" game available for download from Deer Valley Game Company.

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New Game Kits Avaialble

APBA Hockey 2022 Update
Revised boards to have less random interception results; why was a "31" result intercepted by the LW in Forechecker 3, but the LD in Forechecker 2?. Some other clean-ups and clarifications. Go see.

Recent Game Kits

APBA Baseball 2019 Update
Revised base stealing vs pitcher rules. Added a simplified Dropped/Wild Throws rule. Various rules clarifications. Added a DVGC House Rules Player Reference Card.

Frederick the Great
Rev A, updated 2019 - revised errata (the circular river really is there; well.... sortof). Additional "corrections" (???) to the CRT, a new Battle Value calculation option (you'll like it), AND a complete percentage loss table. Now 40% of 5 really is "2", and 5% of 1 really does round down to "0". Should make for some more challenging battles.

Great War in the East
SPI's classic World War 1 quadragame (plus 1) enhanced with a few rules modifications and clarifications (in our humble opinion). A new CRT de-emphasizes excessive leader bonus shifts and is not so attacker unfriendly; hopefully without disrupting the unique flavor of this system.

Winter War
A SPI Classic from 1972. A good little game that is very clean and fun to play. Only one small rules hole allowing the Soviets to circumvent the spirit of the supply rules to pick and choose which and when units are in supply. This Game Kit patches that hole and provides some additional clarifications.

Solitaire 1830
Ever feel like an evening of railroading (or railwaying) and robber baroning, but can't round up 4 or 5 friends for a 10 hour marathon. This variant is for you. Ownership of Avalon Hill's classic 1830 is required. These rules were created using the Mayfair edition, but will work fine with the original. Now you get to build all of the railroads yourself and compete against the mysterious greedy short sighted stock holders.



The 19th Century Railroad Card Game


A multi-player fast paced card game where you build your railroad empire by creating routes between North American cities from the 1800s. Use Private Railroads when you have to make tricky connections. Establish contracts with major RR corporations to use your routes for bonus points. A fun variation of a well known board game on a similar theme.

1833 is a FREE "Print & Play" game available for download from Deer Valley Game Company.

CLICK HERE for details.



A multi-player game where you get to become a nineteenth century industrialist.
Build your business empire, make a fortune and then become the world's greatest philanthropist.

Philanthropoly is a FREE "Print & Play" game available for download from Deer Valley Game Company.

CLICK HERE for details.


Individual Articles from Old Magazines Available for Order

Color, Black & White, or Electronic Copies of Articles

Choose Articles from the following mags:
General (Volumes 1 -32)
Strategy & Tactics (#1 - #101)
Moves (Issues 1 - 60)
Just tell us what magazine (name and issue/volume #), what article you want, and how you want it.

Write to us for details or questions.

Pay by check, money order, or Paypal.

Costs per the following:
Color Copies: 25 cents per page
Black & White Copies: 10 cents per page
Electronic Copies (PDF format only): 5 cents per page
Minimum order is $2.00
Shipping & Handling for Color or B&W copies is 50 cents per 25 pages.
for example:
24 pages S&H is $0.50
26 pages S&H is $1.00
Shipping and Handling charges are only for continental U.S.A. For all others write for S&H quote.
See Paypal instructions on the bottom of our ordering page.

All copies are provided on 8.5 x 11 sheets. All pages of an article will be printed (provided) even if only one word extends onto a page (unless otherwise arranged ahead of order). Some articles are only available in B&W, depending on the original magazine format (color).

S&T games are also available, but only in 8.5 x 11 format; you will have to piece the maps together.

Electronic copies will be sent to a validated email address only. Electronic copies are in PDF format, so be sure you have the required reader (e.g. Adobe).

Magazine article indices can be found from the following links:

Strategy & Tactics:



Have your web site included on our Reconnaissance Report page.

We are actively recruiting games sites, American Civil War sites, and general history sites for inclusion on our "map".
Exchange links with DVGC.
Email us for details. (Select the RECON REPORT subject option)

The Gettysburg Campaign

Rules Revision Update

Version 1.4 of The Gettysburg Campaign is now available to owners of game. This revision only consists of cosmetic changes to the text (standardizing capitalization), a correction to the section numbering for the Retreat/Reinforcement Segment (section IX.B.5) and Pursuit Fire (section IX.B.6), and a minor rules clarification (yes, a unit that does not FAIL its Morale Check, PASSES its Morale Check).

Owners of the game may receive a free update either as a PDF file via email or a new rules booklet. To receive your update send us an email, with your preference. If the version number listed on the bottom of page 12 of your rules booklet is not "version 1.4" then you have an old version and are elligible for a free update.

(original rules versions have no revision number listed).

Napoleonic SQUARES

Ian Milnes has created a variant for SQUARES- The Civil War Battle Game, that addresses warfare tactics during the Napoleonic era. The really good news is that he has graciously provided it for all to try and enjoy.

To download the rules for his Napoleonic version of SQUARES- The Civil War Battle Game, just click on the link below. The file is in Rich Text Format so any standard word processor should be able to read it.



Mr. Binhan Lin and Mr. Tony Fryer have created a marvelous version of SQUARES- The Civil War Battle Game. Visit our Make Your Own Game page to take a peek at this masterpiece.

SQUARES by email

What a Great Idea!

And Now it's Here.

Visit our PLAY-BY-EMAIL page to register your name and requests for opponents for SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game.


Don't you just love that word FREE? We here at DVGC love to give stuff away for FREE. The rules to SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game are FREE. All of our Game Kits are FREE. Don't you just hate it when you find out that in order to get something for FREE you have to spend some money? Kind of makes it not really FREE, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, that's the case here too. Okay it's a cheap and dirty way to get your attention, but how else can we get you to read this?

The Infantrymen are FREE, you just have to buy the support troops that go along with them. But then again, that's the way life and Civil War life is and was.

Looking for some Good Support Troops?


We have collected a surplus of Imex 1:72 scale plastic miniatures of civil war soldiers in support poses. For example:
artillerymen kneeling with hands over ears
bucket carriers
hay lifters
ram rod men
saddle carriers
lanyard pullers
We want to get rid of them!
They're fine little men, we're just tired of having them laying around, so...
while supplies last get 12 men (random poses, 6 blue, 6 gray) for $2. For every 2 dozen ordered we'll throw in a caisson wagon with 4 horses and driver for free.


(while supplies last)

We'll throw in 2 regular Infantrymen (1 blue/1 gray) with every dozen support troops ordered.


We just completed our year end inventory, and the situaton is more desperate than we thought. Therefore make that 6 FREE Infantrymen with every dozen support troops ordered.

That's a total of not 14, but 18 soldiers. Infantrymen may be in one of a variety of poses, inlcuding kneeling or standing shooting, running, etc. Some Infantrymen may in fact be dismounted Cavalry looking like Infantrymen (but sharp eyed customers will notice the weapons are different). Send check or money order to Deer Valley Game Company, at the address listed on this page, (please include your return address).

US funds only, no overseas shipment available. Offer good only while supplies last.


We would like to see (and publish) photographs of your own homemade versions of SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game. (Yes we are actually encouraging you to make your own version, rather than buying one from us - hard to believe, isn't it). Check out some ideas on how to do this on the MAKE YOUR OWN GAME page.
NOTE: All submissions become the property of Deer Valley Game Company, and cannot be returned. Authors of articles and photographs selected for publication in the Player's Guide will be asked to sign a release statement.


P.O. Box 31661

Mesa, Arizona 85275-1661

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photograph courtesy of Library of Congress - Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside (reading newspaper) with Mathew B. Brady (nearest tree) at Army of Potomac Headquarters. Nov 1862 - Apr 1863. (LC-B811-2433)