The Gettysburg Campaign

Lee's Summer Offensive, 1863

June 1863

General Robert E. Lee leads the Army of Northern Virginia deep into Union territory in hopes of capturing vital northern supply cities and forcing an early end to the American Civil War. The Union army, finding itself in the middle of yet another high level reorganization and command change after the debacle at Chancellorsville, was slow to respond. What followed was the largest and most important single battle of the war, and in American history.

Things could have been different. Find out how in this exciting new game from Deer Valley Game Company. Not another re-make of the Battle of Gettysburg; this game re-creates the entire Gettysburg Campaign - Lee's 1863 Summer Offensive. Now you are in charge!

This operational level game uses the block unit system to re-create the limited intelligance of the actual campaign. Players maneuver their forces without adequate knowledge of their opponents strengths or even location. The game board portrays the eastern part of the country, from southern Pennsylvania to northern Virginia, with a point to point movement system on a 24 x 20 playing map. Limited command abilities and critical supply wagons are key to managing your armies and achieving victory.

The Gettysburg Campaign is now available, exclusively from Deer Valley Game Company.

The Gettysburg Campaign

includes the following:
- 24x20 Multi-color Game Map, covering the area from Culpepper Virginia to Harrisburg Pennsylvania
- 72 wooden blocks (blue & gray)
- unit label stickers (front and back)
- Battle Board
- 12 page rules booklet
- 8 dice


only $39.95

Rules Version 1.4 is now available.
(Minor/Cosmetic changes from original rules)
Owners with older rules booklets are elligible for a free update.
See our DVGC News page for details.

The Gettysburg Campaign
Lee's Summer Offensive, 1863



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